The cusp of something big

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April 22, 2017

This document was first written March 29, 2016.   Today is April 22, 2017.

The first time i heard these words… and yes, i say “heard these words” because i do hear the Lord (if you question the realness of that, I would love to share more about my personal relationship with our Lord and Savior another time) was September 13, 2015 according to my journal. Here is an account of the amount of times i journalled this exact phrase.

September 13, 2015

November 2, 2015

March 29, 2016

To be honest… i thought it would be more than just 3 times… so i tried to think of where else i could have kept something like this. I have found random documents on my computer, chicken scratch in my church bulletin, then i was quickly reminded of another journal i had one laying around here. So I checked that as well. Nothing.

Regardless… over a year and a half a go the Lord first spoke to me and said YOU ARE ON THE CUSP OF SOMETHING BIG. So here i am, anxiously awaiting the potential of this being “something big”.

My heart… 

March 29, 2016

Almost a year ago, I lost my job. I was designing for a mega church which was rapidly expanding and at the time, reached over 25,000 people each week. I loved the company, the people, the vision. I was surrounded by God fearing, Kingdom building, like minded individuals and i was sure this was exactly where i was supposed to be. Which is why I’m convinced that this was what God intended to happen to me.

Less than 24 hours later, I was offered a lateral job within the same company, but with a much less exciting title. Bookstore sales associate replaced Church Interior Designer and overnight i went from a career to a high school student’s coworker. As i prayed about this next step, i felt like God was providing an opportunity that i should take for the meantime. Over the next year my quiet times consisted of God continually reminding me of his provision over my life and that when I was ready, he would provide the opportunity for the next step in my life. When potential next steps appeared, i presented them before the Lord and prayed that he would provide an opportunity or “close the door”. As my credit cards started building and rent continued to be raised, i became more and more wary and scared.  Which is how i know this is what God intended to happen to me.

I read an article my previous boss wrote about the idea “Why not?”. As an entrepreneur she started her own company designing offices, with no interior design background. She hired an interior designer with no current jobs lined up. But the mentality stayed the same. Why not?

So as the Lord has reminded me again and again over the last year, i now want to share it with you. “I feel like I’m on the cusp of something big”

Stay tuned….

I wanted to run a large corporation by 25… Now i just want to enjoy my life!

Running a business was my dream after college. I was on a track, because as a senior in college i had studied abroad, got an internship at an Interior Design firm and was about to graduate on time! [Obviously a CEO position was in my near future.] Once graduating, i was offered a job at the internship, a small interior design firm consisting of the CEO and I, and within two years we had 3 more employee’s, two interns and were able to accept some much larger and exciting clients. By this time i had moved into an office manager position and was running the behind the scenes; purchasing, tracking, managing sub-contractors, managing interns, organizing the offices, the design library, invoicing clients, meeting with a consulting CPA, etc. I was also having a blast going to networking events, team lunches, having vendors come into the office to tell us about their new products, etc.

Ericka and Tamara at Comerge, 6* Networking event

As much as this job challenged me and sometimes caused minor anxiety attacks, i was working in the industry I had studied and I was very proud of that! After a surprising realization that our monies weren’t where they needed to be, my boss started to make some layoff’s. First the recent hired intern, then one of the designers, then me… I was told two weeks was all she needed to get back on her feet, but what she didn’t realize was that that was not gonna work for me. So the mad dash to find a new job was on! Luckily i had kept my college nanny position and was able to hang on until offered a new design job just a month later.

Piece of advice: Never lose your college nanny job! I have more connections and “family” away from home than i ever would without those families. They also saved me in my early twenties when i was in need of some quick cash. 

My second interior design position was a bit different in that i was a “design assistant”. This time i was designing, project managing and consulting. A huge step in the right direction. But just a year after being at this design job, i lost that one too. Budgets man… This is when i realized that working 9-5 wasn’t worth it. But to explain a little more why you must see this first.

Graduation: May 2012

  • Office assistant for a large company selling fuel additives out of their back house
  • Nanny for 3 or 4 families at a time
  • Volunteer/free lunch employee of design firm
  • Full time office manager for said design firm
  • Personal assistant for a business coach
  • Consultant for local skate company in my free time
  • Design assistant for Rock Church
  • Stewardship coordinator for Rock Church
  • Bookstore sales associate for Rock Church
  • Receptionist for Rock Church
  • Hostess at Island Prime/C Level
  • Nanny for another family

Now: May 2015

Currently I am working in a bookstore part time, nannying (what did i tell you) and working in one of the nicest restaurants in San Diego. Surprisingly, this is still not working for me because i am too tired to enjoy life, and my motto is to live life to the fullest, so i will just have to see where this takes me!